AND-G420N1 is used as a PBX

acrosser Technology, a world-leading network communication appliance manufacturer, is pleased to announce its MOU collaboration with a European telecommunications solution provider. In this success story, the network micro box AND-G420N1 is used as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) multimedia system for integrated business communication.

A traditional PBX enables enterprises to connect extensions internally and externally. As communication technology has advanced, the traditional PBX phone system has now evolved into a VOIP PBX, also known as an IP PBX. This allows phone calls to be made easily using the Internet.
The interface is suitable for administrative purposes, enabling all users to identify the current available users and initiate instant communication, saving tremendous business travel expenditure and time.

Acrosser manufactures stable, high-quality network communication hardware worldwide. We can also provide customization for chassis and nameplates, especially for large quantity orders.

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Networking Appliance:  AND-G420N1

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